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Introduction and Story

Hello! I just found this group and figured I could at least make a post and say "Hello!". So, that's what I'm doing.

I'm currently in one closed relationship with two partners (M&F) that is long distance (oh the fun). They're both still in University in Canada and I live in Oregon, where I grew up. Fun angst to be had by all as I try to figure out if and how I can move up there again for good some day (I want to college there). At least I'll get to go see them both next week for Thanksgiving.

M (male) and I dated for about two and a half years before both admitting to each other that we were in love with A (female), as well. Great fun ensued as we first invited her to be with us physically (she'd had a crush on me for several years before this) and then, when she was in Oregon for that visit, we both confessed to her that we were both in love with her. A was a self-defined lesbian since she was 14 and it took a lot for her to be open to the idea of perhaps having a relationship with M as well as with me. They'd been spending a lot of time together and getting really close since I'd left school last June. things are really good now, though.

It's taken some adjustment on her part (and all of ours, really), but we're so much happier because of it. I really couldn't imagine being in a more supportive, loving, wonderful relationship and just hope that someday (preferably sooner rather than later) it won't have to be a long distance love and I can be there with them both all the time.

That's my story! (It was a little more angsty than I make it out to be in parts, mostly due to a few friends who were really uncomfortable with the idea and tried to make a lot of drama. Things settled down, though, and pretty much we're not really caring what anyone says, because we're just that happy together! :P ) So... Hello! :)


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Nov. 12th, 2007 10:22 pm (UTC)
It was a pretty awesome experience, all told. As is touted through the whole community, Communication! Communication! Communication!. Wouldn't have happened if my boyfriend and I hadn't been willing to be completely honest with one another about our feelings for A! *glee!*
Nov. 14th, 2007 04:24 am (UTC)
I wish you 3 good luck at getting back together. You seem very happy. :D
Welcome to the group. Post as often as you like :)
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