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Poly Under 30

Young love and lots of it!

poly & poly-curious people in their teens and 20s
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This is a community for poly or poly-curious people in their teens and twenties. This is not meant to be exclusionary, but I have found as a twenty-something who is poly that it is often hard to find other poly people within my own age group, and therefore hard to garner the kind of advice I am looking for or can sometimes use. This community sprung from that need in me that I figured I could share with others.

We are bi, queer, gay, transgendered, pagan, etc. friendly. All kinds are welcome here. Everyone treat everyone with respect. Discussions are allowed and encouraged, but remember we can disagree and fight without being disrespectful or mean. If a fight gets bad enough that I need to be a mediator, I will not be happy. I don't want to have to ban people, but I will.

This is not a personals community, but rather a community of people who can identify with each other in a generational sense. Post questions, advice, local poly events, news and such as long as its relevant to polyamory in some way.

-Don't come here to try to pick up young poly people.
-Don't flame. We're all here for a common purpose.
-Don't promote unless its poly related, age related, you know... relevant. And then, not excessively or the same thing repeatedly. NO RATING COMMUNITIES ALLOWED, EVER.
-If you are looking to sell something, must be relevant. If it gets out of hand, it will be restricted or removed.
-All NWS (not work safe) content should be behind an LJ-Cut. Also things that are long or contain pictures.

Have fun! Love infinitely! :)

Inspired by my buddies at polyamory. They are great, you should check them out too, and have been a beacon of wisdom to my young poly self. ^_^


polyamory - My favorite poly community on LJ, its more general and not age specific
mono_poly - A community for those who are either the polyamorous or monogamous half of a mono/poly relationship
polyweekly - Homepage of THE poly podcast. I recommend it highly. Back episodes too!
http://www.polyamory.org - Wonderful and very helpful poly site with links, newsletters, articles and more!
http://www.polymatchmaker.com - dating site for polys... have a pretty good forum going over there too, though I have trouble finding people sometimes its how I met my last two boyfriends